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Item #: PH-12-320
Part #: 12-320
Our Price: $14.87
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Item# 12-320

SMT-ProtoBoard-3U. Size 3.9" x 6.3". 1/16"


**Note That this SMT product is available in a standard 1/16" thickness as well as in the 1/32" thickness that is needed in some applications. See Below for part numbers.

Surface mount pads are spaced for 0805 and 1206 components. Three SOIC-32 footprints can handle IC's with up to 32 contacts. A solid ground plane on the backside can be reacherd via drilled holes for connection to the ground plane. The holes are not plated through, allowing the user to choose to make a connection ("via") with a jumper wire or not. A backplane makes this an excellent board for R.F. circuits as well as digital and analog.

There are a dozen SOT23 footprints and the rectangular pads will accommodate SOT 223 and as well as SOT 23 components. As the rectangular pads are spaced on 1/10" centers, leaded components such as DIP IC's will fit well. Mounting holes (4) are in the corners. The board material is etched FR-4 glass-epoxy with one ounce copper on both sides, tinned for easier soldering. The board size is 3.9" x 6.3" x 1/16" (100 x 160 x 1.6mm).

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